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20% off all of our Luxury Snoods & Scarves!!

As a treat to you at Christmas time, we are offering you 20% off ALL of our luxury Snoods and Scarves!! Most of our snoods are made in Silk Jersey material which means they are SUPER-SOFT and silk is an insulator so they will keep you extra warm & snuggly in this chilly season! The added bonus to these snoods are the fact that they are not too chunky so you can wear them inside & around the house too!

Our chiffon scarves add the perfect touch to an outfit, made with feminine airy-light material they are some of our most sought after pieces, that can be worn from Autumn/ Winter and all the way through spring!

We recently sold Zoe Boomer within the Christmas arcade at Somerset house, and these were one of our specially made christmas gifts that were particuarly popular with shoppers! Head over to our store at www.zoeboomer.com/store to check out all the different styles we have in stock xox


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