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Blogging Tuesdays… Inspirations for our Spring/ Summer Collection



Zoe finds it that she doesn't like that question in particular in interviews;
"What is your inspiration for this Collection?"
Because there are so many things that inspire her and these are in daily things, events, landscapes, art, movies, people...

But since Cartier launched it's short film to celebrate it's 165 year anniversary we just can't get enough of this film director.



Bruno Aveillan is one of the most distinguished and sought after commercial directors in the world.
Also a photographer and multimedia artist.
He has won several awards. And has been commissioned for Louis Vuitton, Perrier, Chanel, Coca Cola, Toyota...
In his films he has had the privilege to work with Claudia Schiffer, Monica Belluci, Tina Balthazar...
Someone like him with that career path... well he clearly does not need to bring his CV to the table, does he?

One of our favorites commercial ads he has done is Lanvin Oxygene with the beautiful Giselle Bundchen.
Our Spring Summer Collection is essentially that.
It shows the senses, not just how beautiful you look but how
feminine and sensual you feel. Each garment gives you the breatheability it expresses, in all it's glorious freedom.
It enhances your curves without making you feel captured by a structure.
The fresh air and the romance of the outdoors in a fast paced city.

So enough of my description, let the film speak for itself.




We would love to hear what you think, and tell us what inspires YOU?

See ya in a week,

From the studio


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i love that film director, his ads are very inspirational!

By gaby on 3 Jul 2012

Hey! that´s intresting!! I see casual things as an inspiration, such as: walking, reading, hanging around, birthdays… Small things shine when you see them up close. I´m leaving u a video of a band I love, that assemble those fragments in life that makes it all worth it!


I think inspiration is not intangible or far from reach; it´s near us in everything we do.



By ayla on 3 Jul 2012

I truly love this new collection. I think it reflects modern city women who want to look real good without having troubles with feeling comfortable. At the end, thats what makes the difference between working it and looking “just nice”. It’s like a feel good look good result.
I loved your description by the way, it led my way.
And I love that Cartier commercial. Loooove that film director.

By Mariana Ruenes on 3 Jul 2012