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On a rainy day, I met with designer Alethea at her home for a cup of coffee. She is radiant with her 6 month pregnancy in her lovely home. 

And so Alethea starts to tell me about herself. She went to art college and studied Print Design straight after. Then started to work for Bay and Brown the renowned luxury prints brand in London. She freelanced for them and produced around three to six print motifs every week.

"This is great Alethea; and so how did you meet Zoe?"
"Zo was the first person I met in London, she helped me unpack and make the house homely, she's always been a great friend." she says. "So since I am always keen to give her a hand in any event she has. So I was very happy to do a print when she asked."
Zoe wanted a flower motif that would enhance the femeninity in her flowy designs.

The print Alethea created in a short time with watercolours, being quite skilled particularly at drawing flowers, then she scanned them and created a design from it.
And Voila, then she sent the design and Zoe had the motif printed on the gorgeous silk. Then cut and sewn into the beautiful Zoe Boomer designs you can now dazzle with in this summer.

"So, Alethea tell us; What differentiates Zoe Boomer to other brands to you?" "For most brands today you need to have a very slender body probably being a size 8 or 10; with the way Zoe Boomer's clothes are cut you can be of different sizes and shapes and your silhouette will be accentuated in a favourable way. You see I think the best they look really, is in a curvy size 12... They just kind of flatter the normal woman; you don't have to be a stick to wear them" "They are simple designs but since they are made in such luxurious fabrics you can dress them up or wear them in a casual way. You can shove them on with a pair of leggings and still feel quite glamorous because of the material. Also, you don't have to style it excessively. It already looks good." she says.

Alethea then tells us about her current favourite of Zoe Boomer. She loves the Jumper Dress Jersey, wears it with skinny jeans. Which you can get here http://www.zoeboomer.com/index.php/store/product/the-jumper-dress

Alethea is starting her own business venture in the time to come. She is passionate about high quality in prints design. Finds that most brands in fashion today are not dedicating time to produce these and because of mass production and the fast pacing in the industry are losing the touch and quality in these.
She wants to create a print that is appreciated as a piece of art not just some quick piece of fashion that would be discarded after its trend.
Her inspiration is generally nature; she loves the intricate detail in flowers.
Since January she has stopped working and can now find the time to design any prints she wants; this past week she started working on some impressive birds, you can see in the photo.

You can find out more about her and her work in http://aletheascarfs.tumblr.com/ or else contact her through [email protected]

And well, make sure you get your hands on some of the 2012 Spring Summer Collection with Alethea's print which in now on SALE; its sure to sell out soon since we have a POP-UP SHOP SALE this Saturday the 21st which YOU are invited too!

See ya at the sale or next Tuesday for some blogging,

From the studio


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Lots of helpful information. I have bookmarked your site.

By Eric Nathaniel Wilson on 31 Jul 2012