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Blogging… Our 1st Pop-Up Shop…

As you know, last week we had the coolest opportunity to host our own pop-up shop for the day. With pop-up shops becoming a bit of an increasing trend, plus the test of being able to set up, sell and pack down all of our collections in just 7 hours – it seemed far too attractive a challenge not too! And so we did!

Thank goodness for that because it meant we were able to spend a day in what can only be described as Putney’s hidden gem. Tucked away up on the first floor of The Star and Garter, our venue for the pop-up shop, is the most beautifully elegant Victorian Ballroom.

The manager was explaining that between July and September they see at least 2 weddings pass through their doors and up the grand staircase to use the Ballroom, each week! This week they got us instead though and based on their employees’ frequent visits, I think we can say they preferred our bold, embellished garments to the familiar white dress and trail.

Our day kicked off around 10 as we began setting up the collections and sale stock. We were so lucky to be joined by Fabric of Humanity – a clothing brand where every garment sold has the potential to change someone’s life http://www.fabricofhumanity.co.uk/ - and a group of girls running the ‘Pamper Zone’ – helping to raise funds for under privileged youth to attend a summer development programme.

As more and more people popped in to look around and admire the collections, Zoe Boomer, the designer, was on top form mingling with the customers and offering unique styling tips wherever possible. The entire day was a special shopping experience with hand wrapped purchases, scrumptious treats (the surprise carrot cake which we received as a gift from the venue’s chef deserves a mention of it’s own) and refreshments, but Zoe herself was definitely the highlight of it all.

Our most loved garment of the day was the Box T Flower Print Top http://www.zoeboomer.com/index.php/store/product/box-t-print .

It’s one of our favourites as well and it can be yours too! If you missed out on visiting us at our pop-up shop then not to worry because everything from our latest collection to our sale items can be found on our ‘Online Store’ at http://www.zoeboomer.com/store Go and have a sneak peak now so that you’ll be prepared for our next pop-up shop adventure - Coming soon hopefully!


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