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Fashion Tips & Tricks From Super Stylist Sharna-Marie Francis

The thing that I love about the Zoe Boomer jumper dress is its sheer versatility: there are a number of ways that it can be worn depending on the occasion or even the mood you’re in. Here’s one of them [above]. I have chosen to style this particular look to be fairly dressy, which is achieved simply by the use of key accessories. I’ve taken inspiration from the current S/S ’13 monochrome trend and chosen the black and white clutch which, just like a pair of heels, instantly adds a little glam to any outfit. The perspex necklace (perspex being a key accessory trend this season) provides a focal point of the outfit. As this jumper dress is chicly simple and minimalistic in detail, you can afford to be a little bit more daring with the your choice of necklace (if you’re brave enough!) and wear one that is large and elaborate such as this, plus it’s just that much more interesting, right?
Any excuse for a pop of colour, as far as I’m concerned and red heels are the way to go with this black jumper dress as the two colours are always a winning combination and provide a high contrast which allows a striking, attention grabbing look – not for those wallflowers out there!

You may have decided that lots of accessories is not your thing and prefer a more casual and minimalistic approach. So an alternative look with the Zoe Boomer jumper dress is achieved by the use of colour and texture in a strategic way to still create an interesting look, even without all the accessories. So, here we have another dash of colour in the form of a red tote bag to simply add some “umph” to the neutral colours. The black leather leggings – need I say more? Leather is always guaranteed to create the wow-factor and in this instance also provides a high contrast colour combination to the grey and red pieces in the outfit.
Opting for just a belt as the only accessory has a two-fold function: not only does it still add a little interesting focal point to the outfit, especially if you go for a pretty metallic one. But more importantly, it cinches you in at the waist, if you are fortunate to have one and fancy showing it off!

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