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ABSOLUTELY Putney & Wandsworth: Feature on Anti-Trafficking Stance

ABSOLUTELY Putney & Wandsworth highlights the Zoe Boomer brand’s stance against human trafficking in the fashion industry on page 23 of the publication.

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BBC News: Zoe speaks to BBC News, representing her business and young entrepreneurs in the UK

Described as a ‘success story’ you can watch Zoe’s interview video by clicking on the image on the right.

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Ideal Bride Magazine: Zoe Boomer Bridal Feature

Ideal Bride Magazine covers the Zoe Boomers Bridal collection online

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Shop Chelsea: Features the Freedom Campaign

Shop Chelsea supports the Zoe Boomer Freedom Campaign on their brand new website.

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WEDDING Magazine: Zoe Boomer Bridal

The White Lagoon gets featured as The Daily Dress on Wedding Magazines webpage

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County Wedding Magazines: Zoe Boomer Bridal

County Wedding Magazines features the launch of Zoe Boomer bridal on each of their county websites

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Decca: Kristyna Myles wears Zoe Boomer on her album cover

Kristyna wears A/W Autumn floral print dress on her debut album cover


Absolutely Kensington & Absolutely Notting Hill: A/W design featured inside both magazines

A/W Autumn Flower Print Jumper Dress Featured in both Absolutely Notting Hill and Absolutely Kensington magazines.


IN!: Zoe Boomer nominated for IN! Mag Glamour Award 2012

Zoe was nominated for best ‘Breakthrough Designer’ by IN! Magazine.


Glamour Magazine: also covers Laura Michelle Kelly at Cannes Film Festival!

The Navy Box T dress from our A/W collection appears in Glamour Magazine on the beautiful Laura Michelle Kelly

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Pukaar Magazine: Kristyna Myles wears Zoe Boomer

Singer-songwriter Kristyna Myles wears Zoe Boomer Dress in Pukaar Mag


LOOK: Laura Michelle Kelly at Cannes Film Festival

Laura Michelle Kelly in the A/W Navy Box T Dress with Ronan Keating

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Belfast Telegraph: Alejandra Dress and Kimono Dress Featured in Floral Print Trend

Zoe Boomer Alejandra Dress and Kimono Dress featured as must have dresses for the Floral Print Trend s/s’12


Ulster Tatler: Satchii Dress featured as key floral trend

Zoe Boomer Satchii Dress features as key Must have Dress for s/s’12 Floral print trend.


Northern Women: Zoe Boomer Print vest featured for floral Trend.

The Zoe Boomer Flower Print Vest featured for Floral print trend.


Ulster Tatler: London NI2012 launch at St.James Palace

Zoe Boomer was a guest at The London NI012 Launch in St.James Palace along with Christine Bleakley, Patrick Keilty, Eamon Holmes and other esteemed guests.


Northern Women: Local Designers Set to Wow FASHIONWEEK Audiences

International Belfast born Zoe Boomer is set to showcase her collection at Belfast Fashion Week with her s/s’12 collection. Here is a bit about the designer.


The Mag: Loving Zoe Boomer s/s’12 collection

Revue on Zoe Boomer s/s’12 collection, The Mag love!

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VIP Magazine: Katie Larmour wins best dressed in Zoe Boomer s/s’12 dress

Tv presenter and model Katie Larmour wins best dressed in VIP magazine in the Zoe Boomer s/s’12 Alejandra cap sleeve dress.


BBC: Zoe Salmon wears Zoe Boomer at the ‘Premier of Water for Elephants’

Zoe Salmon caught everyones eyes at the ‘Water for Elephant Premier’ in London. She was featured in numerous online website’s in this dress. It was a winner!


Company: Zoe Boomer Lucy Dress features in Company

Zoe Boomer Colourful maxi lucy dress sets the colour trend for s/s’11 make-up


LOOK: Zoe Boomer Tye die dress sets the trend!

Look magazine pick Zoe Boomer Lucy Dress warn by Zoe Salmon as the trend of the top trend.



Fashion blogger Laura Simpson special interview with Zoe Boomer.

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Cosmopolitain: Zoe Boomer Brand Alley winning dress in Cosmo.

Zoe Boomer winning Evening black dress features in cosmo promotions.


SHE: Zoe Boomer interview a new designer to watch!

She magazine do a full page interview on Zoe Boomer how she started out and what is her style.
A designer to watch out for!


NOW: Zoe Boomer LuLu coat featured in Now!

The Zoe Boomer LuLu coat featured in how to work the Autumns minimalist look


BBC: Zoe Salmon at News of the World children’s awards In Zoe Boomer

Zoe Salmon looking stunning in the Zoe Boomer inky blue chiffon Lucy Dress with Swarovski crystal detail. Worn at the ‘News of the world Children’s awards’


VOGUE: British Designer Collective shop opening

Zoe Boomer at the Opening of The British Designer Collective shop along with Felder and Felder, Erin O’Connor, Todd Lynn, Fiona Paxton. Seen on Vogue spy celebrity photos.

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Ulster Tatler: Hillsborough Castle Fashion Spectacular

Ulster Tatler covers the Zoe Boomer charity fashion show in aid of Save the Children in Hillsborough Castle with host Angela Ballentine.


Belfast Telegraph: Cool for Catwalks

Zoe Boomer dress and cardigan features in Cool for Catwalks fashion supplement.


Magnify: Magnify loves the Freedom Campaign

Magnify reviews the Zoe Boomer Freedom Campaign and finds out what it is all about.

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Lady M Presents: Lady M fashion loves Zoe Boomer s/s’11

Lady M fashion blogger reviews Zoe Boomer s/s’11 collection.

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