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The Freedom Campaign

Today there are 27 million slaves on the earth.

We want to give EVERY human being the right to FREEDOM, so here at Zoë Boomer we are selling a range of FREEDOM tops to raise money and awareness for the A21 Campaign.

The heart behind it

The A21 Campaign is a non-profit organization fighting for the abolishment of injustice in the 21st Century. It dreams of a tomorrow with no more trafficked victims to assist, because human trafficking has been abolished.

What the vests represent

Zoë Boomer stands for FREEDOM in sweatshops and FREEDOM for victims of human trafficking.

The FREEDOM Vest unites Beauty with Strength and Glamour with a Cause. The soft silk fabric represents femininity and the text carries a strong powerful message - Allowing the wearer to feel their worth
(not only physically due to softness and style, and mentally because they are free in comparison but also because they have invested in an important, positive cause) 

We now also sell mens FREEDOM Tees which represent the same powerful message.

25% of every FREEDOM top purchased goes to the A21 Campaign

The FREEDOM tops are unisex and can be worn by woman as well as men.

Who is wearing them...

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